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we are back now with more of "today" on this thursday morning. it's the 28th of january 2010. looks kind of nice outside right now. we're getting some snow here in the northeast. al says it's not going to stick too much and should end fairly quickly. i think the temperature's going to rise a little bit for -- actually, they're going to fall throughout the day. >> well, actually, we're going to get a little bit of a bump and then it's going to drop down, but around the great lakes, we have some lake effect-enhanced snow. >> okay. good luck to those people. good morning, i'm matt lauer along with natalie morales and al roker. coming up, we'll talk about john and elizabeth edwards. they're officially announcing they're separated after months of rumors, denials and finally the admission from the former senator that, yes, he fathered a child with his mistress. this morning, some insight on
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how elizabeth is coping and her meeting with the young girl. plus, some stunning claims made by a former edwards aide, as that story just keeps rolling and rolling. and on a different note, with the winter weather comes cold and flu season, but you might not believe this, you're more likely to get sick from a germ in your house than anywhere else. so, even if your home is spotless, germs are hiding out. >> oh, no. >> they're waiting for you. >> oh, dear. >> from your kitchen to your bathroom, we'll show you the unhealthiest spots in your home and how you, too, can become germ-free. >> like you two weren't germophobes enough. >> we live in bubbles. >> you're encased in a bubble. okay, plus, it may be cold outside, but never too early to dream about spring. so, this morning we're going to show you four easy ways to update your wardrobe for spring. all it takes is a little creativity and craftiness. you have it in you. all right, let's get a check of the top stories. ann's standing over at the news desk. ann? >> all right, thanks a lot, you guys. good morning once again, everybody.
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in case you missed it, the president gave his first state of the union address last night and he said creating jobs is his top priority this year. he also promised to take on wall street greed, appeal for an end to the tired, old battles, as he called them, that caused washington gridlock, and said he will not give up on health care reform. in rebuttal, republicans said they cannot afford the president's agenda. another teenager was pulled from the rubble in haiti on wednesday, 15 days after the earthquake. she says she was in the shower when the earthquake struck. and more than two weeks later, neighbors finally heard her calls for help. she emerged with a broken leg and very weak but alive and in tears of gratitude. during the night, searchers off the coast of lebanon located the flight recorders from the ethiopian airlines plane that crashed on monday with 90 people on board. they're almost a mile deep. toyota is standing its massive car and truck recall to europe and china because of the problems with gas pedals sticking on floor mats. it is also expanding its u.s.
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recall to include an additional 1 million vehicles, including 2008 to 2010 highlanders. today, meantime, toyota said that -- rather, ford said that it earned $2.7 billion in 2009. that's the company's first profit in four years. and there's a rescue at sea to tell you about in poland, where a dog found itself stuck on an ice floe in the middle of the baltic sea it was spotted by crew members on a research vessel who went out on a small boat to reach the dog. officials believe the animal traveled about 60 miles down the river on the ice before being swept out to sea. it is now three minutes past the hour. let's go back to -- they're now trying to find them a home. meantime, he's currently still aboard the ship. >> poor thing. >> that's a lucky dog. >> very lucky. >> very lucky dog. >> out at sea. my goodness. >> i think it was 18 miles off the coast. ann, thank you very much. mr. roker, how's the weather looking? well, especially for our friends in the midwest and the plains, it's going to be very, very rough. in fact, this low pressure
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system comes out. you can see winter storm watches, warnings, winter weather advisories from the southwest all the way to the east coast, all part of a storm system that's coming through texas, bringing moisture up from the gulf, arctic air comes down from the north. the two collide and you've got ice and snow all along that passage. so, as far as amounts are concerned, we're talking about anywhere from half an inch to an inch of ice from oklahoma on into arkansas. we're looking at some areas picking up up to a foot of snow in the panhandle of texas, and >> the weather should stay fairly quiet on this thursday. there is a 30% chance for a rain or snow shower, but that is not a big deal. otherwise, a mixture of clouds
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that's your latest weather. natalie? al, thank you. now to a bombshell new book on john and elizabeth edwards, who after 32 years of marriage acknowledged wednesday they are now legally separated. it also comes a week after the former presidential candidate admitted to fathering a child with his mistress. nbc's lisa myers first broke news of their separation last week. lisa, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. by any measure, this book is salacious. it's full of tawdry details about sex, betrayal and countless lies. and as brutal as it is about john edwards, it's also tough on elizabeth, who the book says became intoxicated by power and sometimes looked the other way. the smiles of john edwards and rielle hunter, captured here in 2006, belie the chaos and tragedy caused by their affair. this new book by edwards' former
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personal aide, andrew young, contains new allegations about edwards' betrayal of his cancer-stricken wife. >> it's a great speech. [ laughter ] >> can you read it? >> yes, i can read it. >> you can? >> yes. >> reporter: the author claims john edwards took his campaign videographer rielle hunter to the family estate in chapel hill, where they made love in the edwards' bed. young writes, "eriel talked about living in the mansion once mrs. edwards was out of the way" and another time allegedly said she felt like first lady after sleeping with the presidential candidate. the book also claims the senator said he and erie ye rielle wouly marry on a rooftop in new york city to music from the dave matthews band. >> it's evil. >> she reportedly called her love and he called her an
9:07 am
expleti expletive. reports claim john edwards wanted hunter to get an abortion, but that she thought the baby she was carrying was some kind of golden child, the reincarnated spirit of a buddhist monk who was going to help save the world. young claims that only hours before this december 2007 debate, john edwards called and asked him to publicly claim paternity of hunter's child, citing the presidential campaign, their friendship, and his wife's terminal cancer. young says edwards told him, "i know you're mad at elizabeth, andrew, but i love her. i can't let her die knowing this." young claims edwards was distracted and stumbled in the debate. >> we can actually make absolutely certain starting here and now that we make this country better than we left it. >> thank you. >> leave it better than we started. [ laughter ] >> we all know what you meant. >> i thought you did. >> reporter: six days later, "the national enquirer" reported hunter's pregnancy.
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young took responsibility, declaring he was the father of her chd. more than two years later, last week, edwards admitted that he is quinn's father. >> seems to most of us to be such a spectacular, vial thing to do, to take your friend who's married and have him confess to impregnating your mistress. it's almost unbelievable. >> reporter: young writes about how he covered up the affair, hiding hunter for months, mostly in lavish homes in california. and young claims he later found a sex tape -- "john edwards and a naked pregnant woman photographed from the naval down engaged in a sexual encounter." despite john edwards' betrayal, young says the senator was genuinely grief-stricken when he found out elizabeth's cancer was back and incurable. >> the biopsy showed that the cancer had returned. it was malignant. >> reporter: but young claims they both quickly turned to political calculation. "within days, they agreed that
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this diagnose nice would generate positive publicity after frustrating months when the press ignored him. they actually believed the cancer would give the senator's poll numbers a boost." young claims elizabeth dealt with her husband's ongoing affair by alternately looking the other way, tracking his every move or yelling and crying and threatening suicide. in a statement, a spokesman for elizabeth edwards said the book "contains many falsehoods and exaggerations. the allegation that she sought to politicize her cancer is unconscionable, hurtful and patently false." >> you can't stop people from saying what they will. i think it's, frankly, if i had to have one word to describe it, i'd say it's sad. >> reporter: others also have challenged young's credibility and his motives. young admits that he wrote this book, at least in part, for the money. he said the senator promised him a job for life, then betrayed him. john edwards' spokesman says he
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has not seen the book, natalie, and will not comment. >> all right. lisa myers there reporting from washington. thanks so much, lisa. so, how has elizabeth edwards been coping with john edwards' admission of paternity? sandra sobieraj westfall is washington correspondent for "people" magazine and she interviewed elizabeth's sister for the upcoming issue. sandra, good morning. so, you had a chance to talk to nancy, elizabeth's sister, and she told you that elizabeth reportedly said she had it and she wants her life back. why did she come to this decision now to legally separate from john? >> you know, we're told that it was three long years of a build-up of distrust, and her husband was telling her the truth slowly and in pieces, and sometimes only after it first appeared in the tabloids. so, you know, that's a long time for a marriage to weather that slow trickle of distrust. >> even this issue of paternity. i mean, as far as we know, she says she only -- i believe it was in the summer, learned that john --
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>> over the summer, they had the dna test. >> yes. >> and we were told the cast of characters, as you see from lisa's piece, is so over the top. >> and andrew young claiming paternity first off. >> that elizabeth felt she needed scientific proof before she could really accept it as fact, and at that point over the summer, they sat the children down, jack and emma claire and told them the news. >> and how did the other children take it? you're talking about the older child, cate, and emma claire and jack are the younger twins. >> they're 9 and 11, and you know, jack is a boy -- >> right. >> and he's not talking much. he keeps a lot of it in, to himself. but emma claire did ask for permission to confide the secret in a friend so she could have somebody to talk about it with, and the parents prepared that family so that the friend could help emma claire through it. >> meanwhile, john edwards' parents, though, have met with quinn, with the baby. >> his parents are in their -- >> they've embraced the child? >> they've embraced her. they say she is a very precious gift and she'll be our
9:12 am
granddaughter just like our other grandchildren. >> what about these reports that elizabeth edwards has had divorce papers drawn up? does it appear at this point that she's going to proceed down that road? >> well, in north carolina, you have to be separated for a year. that separation started as of december 30th. so, she really doesn't have to do anything for another year. and we're told that, you know, whether she does or not will depend largely on her health. >> and john edwards released a statement on the separation yesterday. it reads, "it is an extraordinarily sad moment, but i love my children more than anything and still care deeply about elizabeth." how often is he really seeing his family now, given all that's happened? >> well, don't forget, she's sick. and while she has a lot of energy, i'm told, and she's doing a lot of things, she still crashes and crashes harder than most working moms. >> right. >> and so, he does have to be there a lot to take care of, you know, the kids' carpooling and to school activities and to sports. over the weekend, she was at jack's basketball game, but he
9:13 am
does step in and do his share. so, he's living in the barn on their property part time and then his official residence is at their beach house, but he is there quite a bit. >> and what about rielle, the mistress? we know she lives in charlotte, a home purchased by him, about two hours away. is he allowed and granted access frequently to quinn? >> well, we're told for three years it was a deal-breaker with elizabeth. he has to have no contact with rielle. it's done through attorneys. but they have an agreement now, signed custody agreement, where he's allowed liberal visitation. so, he has spent considerable time with the baby. his parents have visited with her several times. so, he's establishing a relationship with her. >> all right. sandra sobieraj westfall, some great reporting in "people" magazine it hits newsstands tomorrow. thank you. >> thank you. and coming up, switching gears here, diy style. simple ways to update your spring wardrobe that costs just a few bucks. but next, if you think your house is clean, you might want
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this morning on "today's healthy home", is your house really as clean as you think? turns out, you're more likely to get sick by germs in your own home than anywhere else. "health" magazine's medical editor and "today" contributor dr. roshini raj is here with the eight germiest hideouts. dr. raj, hopefully, everybody's finished their cheerios before you get this one done. >> exactly. >> so, unlike being at say banks or public transportation or schools, your home is germier than those places? >> well, think about it, all those places where you're going, you're bringing those germs back into your home and pretty much sitting in them. so, yeah, your house is a very germy place. >> first place, kitchen sink, countertop and sponges. >> kitchens are probably the worst, because this is where you're cooking. you're exposing yourself to raw food. raw meat, especially, has bacteria, raw vegetables as well. so, you have to be sure to clean the countertops well with a
9:18 am
bleach and water solution is a great way to do it. your kitchen sink is agreat reservoir for germs. they love it in there. make sure you rinse out the sink and use a bleach solution every week to really clean out the drain. >> sponges. >> sponges are the worst because they're sitting there, they're wet and germs love wet, damp places. so, squeeze it out when you're done and rinse it out with soap and water. and a great thing to do at the end of the day is just throw it in the dishwasher, because that will disinfect, sterilize your sponge. >> cutting boards also a disaster. >> first of all, be careful to separate meats and vegetables. use two different cutting boards. but again, clean it carefully with a bleach-water solution is great. and if you have those cuts in your cutting board from the knife, it's time to throw it out. >> and you say use glass or plastic as opposed to wood. >> perfect. they're non-porous, so bacteria won't get in. >> wet laundry. >> wet laundry. when you do a wash, don't keep it in the washing machine for a long time, because wet laundry, especially underwear, is a breeding ground for bacteria.
9:19 am
>> you mean clean wet underwear. >> exactly. hopefully, it's clean. >> your toothbrush is another breeding ground. >> right. so, it's normal for us to have bacteria in our mouth, but if you keep it in a brush, it's going to overgrow. so, after you brush your teeth, rinse your toothbrush in hot water. keep it upright in the holder, not downward so it's in stagnant water and don't put it on a countertop in the bathroom because there could be germs there. >> they say to change your brush every month anyway. >> and if you're sick, more often. >> your bathtub and shower area. >> right. so, as you're cleaning the germs off of your body, they're disposing on your bathtub or shower. you need to clean your shower once a week thoroughly. but even after every shower, if you could pat it down so it's not moist and welt, that's going to go a long way. >> also, in the bathroom, you say when you flush, you should close the lid because -- >> yeah. it's kind of nasty, but you're actually spraying particles of fecal matter every time you flush if that lid is open. so you want to keep it closed. the bathroom mats that are on the floor, again, if they're damp, they're going to, you know, promote germs. so you want to keep them dry. >> our tech gadgets, like our
9:20 am
cell phone, blackberry, iphone. >> yeah. so, we're touching these all the time. you show your baby pictures to your friend, they're touching your iphone. you might share a keyboard. a lot of germs there. use an antibacterial wipe. it won't get it too wet and ruin it. it's a good way to keep it clean. >> your shoes. >> right. we're tracking -- we live in new york, and you see what's nasty on our sidewalks. >> sure. >> you don't want that in your house. number one, it's great idea just to leave your shoes outside the door. and also, get a very abrasive door mat, not one of these soft, nice-looking ones, but a rough one that will scrape up all the nasty stuff. >> maybe we should just wear disposable slippers. >> there you go. >> slow them away. then dusty spots. >> right. dust actually doesn't have a lot of bacteria. it really consists of human skin cells, your dead skin cells that shed off your body. >> mm-mmm! >> but there are things like dust mites that love to eat those, and you don't want those in your mouth. whenever you see dust, a clean wipe, moist, will get rid of it. and dust can trigger allergies or asthma, so a high-efficiency
9:21 am
vacuum cleaner can get rid of that. >> dr. raj, a lot to think about, and just before we get ready for lunch. >> there you go. >> thanks so much. still to come, millions of americans suffer from it. it can go undiagnosed for years. we're talking about thyroid problems. we're going to tell you how to recognize the symptoms. shine on sunny taste. sunny spirit. sunny d. brings out the best in kids. shine on sunny d find martina's "shine" cd in stores now. get flawless skin even in harsh, unflattering light. new revlon photoready makeup. our exclusive formula bends and reflects light to help diffuse every flaw for a poreless, airbrushed look. revlon photoready makeup. find your perfect light. (chuckling): are you sure? definitely, it's my treat. whatever you want grandpa, as much as you want. grandpa (chuckling): ok. vo: try our new handmade pansottis.
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but don't worry, it's easy. we'll show you how to make it.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. a former harford county middle school gym teacher has pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a minor. the 43-year-old admitted to sexual solicitation of a minor and three counts of sexual offense in court yesterday. as part of the agreement, he will serve eight years of a 40- year prison sentence and be on probation for five years and register as a sex offender for life. intent on bridging a $165 million deficit, and incoming mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is looking in her own backyard for ways to say. she will become the mayor in seven days and has transition teams looking at any and all ways to cut costs, including budget items in the mayor's
9:27 am
office, including recently expanded executive programs, as well as perks like the use of city-bound vehicles. final decisions will not be announced for another month. more local aid is headed to haiti. cargo plane and seven members of the maryland national guard are leaving for middle river this afternoon, and will spend a week and florida transferring supplies to haiti. the crew may stop in other areas to pick up supplies before heading to florida could governor o'malley is expected to agree to the group before they leave. now let's look at the forecast with tony pann. >> the weather should be pretty quiet today. there is a strong cold front going through, but it will take up widely scattered rain and snow showers. a 30% mark on that. a mixture of clouds and sunshine expected as we had through the day today. high temperatures in the mid- forties. there is still a chance for snow to the cold is the bigger story. i have only 31 on friday. -- high of only 31 on friday.
9:28 am
best chance of accumulating snow is southern maryland on the lower stern shore. high temperature of only 27 degrees. >> thank you for joining us. we will have another update at 9:55.
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♪ ♪ you got the right stuff, baby ♪ remember these guys? they were the wildly popular '80s boys band, the new kids on the block. they disbanded in 1994, but last year they had a long-anticipated reunion. and as you can see, that thrilled millions of fans on our plaza. and tomorrow the boys are back in town here on "today." >> we've already got people camped out for the last 24 hours. >> that's crazy. >> that can't be true. >> it's true. >> in the snow and rain. >> it's true. i saw a woman down -- >> so a few people are camped out. >> unbelievable. their fans are amazing.
9:31 am
>> well, they'll hear them tomorrow. meantime, today, we're talking about a medical problem that's often misdiagnosed. we'll talk about a woman and what she says was a struggle with her thyroid. she had a hard time getting doctors to pay attention. we'll tell you why it can be a very serious problem and what symptoms you may want to watch out for so you can protect yourself. >> that's right. also ahead, if you can't afford a new look this year because money is tight, well, no problem, because bobbie thomas, or as we like to say, the bt express, is here with four creative ways to add or subtract a little something from the clothes you already have in the closet. and in "today's kitchen," if the thought of cooking duck ruffles your feathers, we'll make it easy for you. you're despicable. we're going to show you a gourmet recipe for duck that fits the bill for your whole family. fits the bill! >> that's very cute! meantime, i don't even know what this is, but you like it. >> i do. >> good, we'll find out what it is and whether it's worth all that time. >> aflac. aflac. >> before we get to all that.
9:32 am
[ laughter ] >> you know the problem with duck? pronoun trouble. all right, let's show you what's going on as far as your weather's concerned. for today, we've got clouds in the pacific northwest, big storm moving through texas, a slight risk of storms along the gulf coast. texas gulf coast. icy conditions and snow throughout the oklahoma area. that ice-rain mix moves into the gulf coast and the southeast for tomorrow. sunny but windy here in the >> it should be a fairly quiet day today. a little system coming through with a slight chance for a couple of rain showers. high temperatures expected in the mid-forties.
9:33 am
and that's your latest weather. we forgot, you're an organ donor. >> that's exactly right, but no cone feeding me. >> not the oregon ducks. coming up, a medical condition that affects millions of americans, but it can go undiagnosed for years. the magic's in the mix. my favorite part? eating it. honey bunches of oats. taste the joy we put in every spoonful. honey bunches of oats. we call the bunches in honey bunches of oats the prize in the box. well, now there's a prize inside the prize. pecans! pecans! baked into crunchy oat bunches. taste the delicious surprise in every spoonful. new honey bunches of oats with pecan bunches. beautiful. why do women like you love activia light?
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as many as one in eight women can expect to have issues with their thyroid gland during their lifetime but the common symptoms of fatigue, hot flashes and weight gain can sometimes be confused with other conditions, such as menopause. as nbc's lee cowan now reports, little awareness can go a long way towards avoiding a misdiagnosis. >> we will order physical therapy for this patient, okay? >> reporter: every day used to
9:37 am
be a cruel struggle for yola force. >> it's a good day today. >> it's a good day today? >> reporter: as a nurse practitioner, she helped the sick manage their pain, understand their ailments, made them feel better, all while she was suffering a debilitating illness herself. her journal entries tell the tale. >> "i want to finish so many things and i am so tired. i feel like i'm dying." >> reporter: she felt like an eight-cylinder engine running on only four. and then there was the weight gain. she had grown to more than 400 pounds. >> i was depressed, i was foggy, i was -- i was a mess. >> reporter: they seemed to her the classic symptoms of an underactive thyroid. it's a gland in the neck. the brain tells it to secrete hormones such as thy red soxin, which regulates the body's metabolism, telling organs and tissues all around the body just how to behave. problem was, the most common blood test to detect thyroid
9:38 am
disease, called tsh, showed nothing wrong with yola. instead, doctors told her -- >> it's just because you're fat. you're fat. you're fat and you're menopausal and you're female and you're fat. >> and we see it over and over and over, and it's crazy. >> reporter: dr. kent holtorf says thyroid disease is often misdiagnosed in part because he says the standard test only catches about 20% of thyroid disorders. >> there are some people that ths areliable, if you're totally healthy, not stressed, but what percent of the population is that? >> reporter: he worries doctors aren't spending the time to do other tests which could catch what the tsh misses. endocrinologists agree it can be missed, but changing the gold standard for screening is a controversial idea. >> we in the endocrinology field feel that we have very sensitive tests in order to be order to diagnose thyroid problems.
9:39 am
>> reporter: even though yola's tsh showed nothing wrong, the doctor says the other tests showed there was a problem and decided to treat her with hormone replacement therapy, and she says it worked. >> did you feel better right off? >> within two weeks. within two weeks, i was going, i'm on the right path. >> reporter: some doctors accuse holtorf of practicing fringe medicine and say any success is largely due more to a placebo effect than anything else, but if it makes people feel healthier, so be it. >> for what he's doing, i don't think there's a real scientific basis for it, but what he's doing is laying on hands and maybe people are getting better, right? nothing wrong with that. >> reporter: yola says it was her awareness of thyroid disease that got her on the path to recovery. sometimes the smallest parts of the body are where the biggest challenges lie. >> this is really good. >> reporter: for "today," lee cowan, nbc news, los angeles. >> endocrinologists we spoke to
9:40 am
say the doctor's thyroid treatments are controversial, but everyone agreed on one thing, if you suspect you're having thyroid problems, talk to your general practitioner about doing an extra round of blood tests on your hormone levels, and if the doctor is dismissive or ignores your request, ask for a referral to a specialist. coming up next, updating your spring style without spending a lot. did you know go-gurt is specially made to freeze and thaw by lunch time? so kids can have their favorite yogurt in their lunch box go-gurt. freeze it. thaw it. eat it up.
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h&r block at home uses the knowledge we've gained serving over 500 million customers giving you the confidence you'll need, at the push of a button. h&r block at home. get it right. ♪ this morning on "bobbie's style buzz," diy spring style ideas, from shoulder pads to creative cutouts. "today's" style editor bobbie thomas says all you need is scissors, a needle and thread to update your wardrobe. good morning, bobbie. >> good morning. >> did you make this, miss diy? >> no. this is -- >> a can't get my hands off of this. >> that doesn't sound so good on morning television, natalie. this is by designer cho chen, and these designers inspired this segment. it's so nice, this texture.
9:44 am
if you can see it up close, it's got a lot of depth and dimension. >> it's like slinkies on your sleeves, which we love. >> which, it makes it fun. >> yeah. >> and that's kind of like i said, inspired this segment. >> you're seeing the textures, t-shirts dressed up with lace and chains. >> and we were on the golden globes red carpet and ruffles and architectural design is sweeping in. >> this is something you don't have to spend a lot of money. you say you can do it yourself. let's start with adding texture. you say to a basic t-shirt like these. >> you can take a basic t-shirt. don't toss a stained or ripped t-shirt. this is a great way to camouflage it. i just took sheer strips. these were scraps, actually, laying around the house. you can twist and tuck in any way. imperfect is perfect. and anyone who can thread a needle -- >> you can do this? >> if you want to use a safety pin, you can do this. but you basically base stitch on the entcenter and get this resu >> this is like a j. crew t-shirt i saw yesterday. >> inspired by j. crew. this is inspired by designers i love. just use some ribbon and twist
9:45 am
and tuck and twist and tuck with tool and gross grain and satin, and something that's one of a kind. >> and as you said, you don't have to be a great seamstress. >> you don't. just stitch it on its own. >> and basically the cost of a t-shirt and maybe a needle and thread. up here, the next diy style is to cut it out, and you can really take -- what is it, a plain little black dress -- >> i found this at zahra for $19.99. you may even have one hanging in your closet that you can update instantly. >> a great basic. why not jazz it up? >> just cut it out. masking tape -- you can place a pattern that you're kind of interested in cutting out. and honestly, at any local dry cleaner, it should cost you approximately $15 to $20 to ask them just to remove the areas that you kind of are playing around with, so you can get an idea. and we see on barbara here, the end results of what i played around with. >> wow. >> and it was something that they did in a day. really easy. i also, you know -- >> that looks like a designer style right there, yeah. >> and rula, ya-ya, thank you
9:46 am
very much. she helped us out on that, but this is not a difficult job. >> i love it on barbara, too. she can definitely wear that. looks great on her. >> i love it, it's striking and sexy about being overexposed. so it's such a great idea. >> and next you say do a drape. here we see something that's basic, plain. >> this was actually a blouse. in case you don't have something in the closet. $10 at h&m. and on nancy, i want to show you how we removed one of the sleeves. so, anyone with a seam-ripper can just carefully remove a sleeve. >> okay. >> that alone is an instant update. you could stop there. but i decided to add this extra piece of chiffon. >> it's gorgeous. >> just match the color. and anyone, again, that is base stitch, which is such an easy stitch, just along the neckline like a bib. you can leave it like this and belt it to have more of a sort of date, an evening kind of fun look. >> right. >> you can drape it over the shoulder for like a trendy, asymmetrical look, which you see everywhere. or if you wrap it around like a
9:47 am
neck scarf, you can put on a blazer and go to work. it gives you the versatility. >> daytime, nighttime, you name it, it's gorgeous. and it looks like an expensive blouse. beautiful. >> i love reinventing things i already have, playing around with fabric. >> nancy looks fabulous. thank you. now, next is to try bold shoulders. is this sort of back to the working girl '80s look? >> absolutely. it's on young girls like rihanna to ordinary women. you're seeing the suits updating their look. >> why does it give you the extra edge, the shoulders? >> it stretches your frame and gives you the appearance of being taller. it can also slim your hips because it's balancing everything out. for $8, you can just put something in temporary without having to -- tailored pieces can be expensive. you don't have to buy one or alter something you have. >> we have a picture of rashida. this is a great blazer. >> but it's rounded shoulders without the pads. >> right. >> now you see her live and it gives her that sharp -- >> you inserted these right in
9:48 am
there, right in. >> and it takes seconds. >> and you don't need a lot of time to do all this. >> no. >> because a lot of us don't have that kind of time. >> whether you want to do a fun weekend project, you know, take it to the dry cleaner or your ya-ya, and have extra help or the natural, $8. this you can do on your own. >> so, before you toss that blouse or dress, think about other ways you can jazz them up. >> and all these ideas are explained at, and also, there are tons more diy style dozen on my website. >> slinky, slinky, made for a boy or a girl. i love this blouse! i can't keep my hands off. bobbie thomas, thanks very much. models, thank you guys. you look great.
9:49 am
wayne and mary met in kindergarten. they've been together ever since. for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. vows that were tested and kept. thanks, hon. even when cancer hit and cost wayne his job. and scleroderma hit and cost him his hands. and then the wall street crash hit and cost them their life savings. still, they struggle on just to get by, to keep food on the table and to heat their home. mary: the wood stove helps us save on oil, but it's getting harder and harder. at citizens energy, we know the hurt you must feel. we know it's hard for proud people to ask for help. i just want to let you know how happy we are that we can lend a helping hand. wayne: we never thought we would be cold in our own home. mary: thanks to citgo and the people of venezuela.
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hi, i'm joe kennedy from citizens energy, your nonprofit oil company. if you need help staying warm this winter, give me a call at 1-877-joe-4-oil, because no one should be left out in the cold. this morning on "today's kitchen," we're going to take on duck confit. if you think it's out of your
9:51 am
league, then you may want to watch this, because hot chef george mendez has a great recipe -- did you like the hot chef part? >> wonderful, thank you. >> a wonderful dish to impress your family and friends. you're owner of a nice restaurant here in new york city. by the way, a nice mention in "gq" magazine as one of the top ten u.s. restaurants -- >> to open in the u.s. for 2009. >> sounds good. >> thank you very much. >> duck confit, first of all, what is duck confit? >> it basically means you're cooking duck in its own fat, confit, and preserving it and holding it -- or cooking it in its own juices. >> uh huh, why? >> basically -- >> because it's so delicious. >> because it's so delicious and duck fat is loaded with favor and it's good for you as well. >> i'm brand new at this. let's talk about how we start. we get, what are these -- >> duck legs. >> duck legs. >> they have a lot of fat in them, so you'd be purchasing duck fat in the store. if it's not available, you can take the excess fat off the legs themselves, put it into a pot and render the fat itself. >> okay, you've cut up some vegetables here. >> carrot, onion, celery and garlic. >> you're just browning this in what, a little olive oil?
9:52 am
>> actually, a little bit of duck fat. >> duck fat. >> you can barely need anything in the pan because while it's cooking, they're rendering in the fat. so, this is brown -- >> al loves this. this is fabulous, a traditional thing in france, right? >> yeah, it's classical french cuisine. >> so, what you've done is sauteed some of the vegetables. >> yeah. so i'd first get the pot medium-high heat, of course, brown the duck legs, like so. then you can go ahead. this is for you. >> thanks, okay. >> slide all those right in. >> garlic, celery, onions and carrots. >> that's perfect. >> yum. >> so, you want to get that started cooking over medium-high heat. add salt at the beginning so you excrete the moisture of the vegetables and they start to cook in fresh pepper. great technique. i'm hiring, so -- >> really? you know, i'm looking for a job. no, i'm kidding. >> so, you get these sweating. >> that does smell very good.
9:53 am
this all smells very nice. >> simply cooked onions, garlic and celery. >> now, we have this big pot of duck fat. >> duck fat. >> yes. >> that's what it looks like when it's rendered, right? >> uh huh. >> which, again, you can get that if you purchase. if you're a health nut, you can use olive oil or canola oil or an oil of your choice, but duck fat would remain more authentic to the ingredient. >> we're starting to run out of time, so i want to make sure we get to all this. >> duck fat's going to go right in with the vegetables, right? >> yep. >> then we're going to add this which we tie into a bundle. that's going to go in that. >> and then pour in the duck fat. >> we're going to pour in the duck fat. >> and that's 100% duck fat. >> 100%. >> and you're going to roast this? >> it's going to graze, or confit, to be more precise. it's cooked very slowly in a 350-degree often for six hours. >> six hours? >> we do it overnight. >> so it really falls off the bone. >> correct. >> so into the oven.
9:54 am
>> and this is the result. >> now, it doesn't look fatty at all. it looks sort of -- >> well, you've got it rendered. a lot of natural juices of the duck came out already. >> so, you serve it like you would, you know, i guess a stew. >> there are so many applications. a stew. you can eat it on its own. you can make a sandwich, make the rice, like we do at aldea. as we come over here, you can see how easily the meat actually comes off. >> let's try that. oh, my gosh it just falls off the bone. >> you can go ahead and sprinkle it on top of the rice here. >> i'll take a little. >> so, you use the duck confit for all kinds of recipes. >> absolutely, right. >> and you say your kids like duck, is that right? >> they love duck, oh, yeah. >> so the chopped parsley -- >> do you do the confit? >> i usually do the duck breast. >> like so. >> and what do you do with the rest of the fat? is the confit just the cooked duck or the whole stew? >> now, i could keep it in the fridge. but you could render it again and pull your maeat out again.
9:55 am
>> sausage -- >> we have olives, the duck -- >> it smells so good. you know what? you're making me want to have some of this. >> i think you should. >> thank you so much. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. a man wanted for attempted murder is in serious condition at shock trauma after he was shot by baltimore city police. officers tried to arrest the man at union memorial hospital at 8:00 last night, where he was allegedly stalking a patient. police say that officers used a taser to subdue the man, but he lunged at them with a knife, forcing them to open fire. it is unknown if the patient was stalking is the same person he is accused o
9:56 am
9:57 am
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